The Centerpiece Shoppe has a blog! I have been thinking whether to start one, not because I don’t have things to blog about, but because there’s already so much going on in my life. 
I own an event decor and floral studio that I run with my mom (occupies most of our weekends), started my online store (always wanted to join the world of e-commerce!),  take care of my 2 lovely yorkies and expecting a baby with my husband very soon! Not to mention my love for gardening and travel in between! That being said, I will try to write as often as I can. 
I am excited to post about the current products we offer in our online store as well as dig into some older pictures and post on what we created in the past and as well as on weekly basis. I will share design tips, inspirations from our decor studio and if I encounter any beautiful things elsewhere, I will share them as well.